To be initiated to Reiki is a great experience sometimes life-changing.

On the first degree you will receive a series of ‘attunments’ that will raise your own energy levels, allowing you to tap into the Reiki energy.

For that is recommended to do some energetic work 21 days prior the course so when the day comes you are prepared for it.

Reiki operates mainly on 5 principles:

  • Just for today let go of worry
  • Just for today let go of anger
  • Just for today live in gratitude
  • Just for today show kindness and respect to all living beings
  • Just for today work hard on yourself

Applying those principles will increase your energy and help you to balance holistically; improving the energy of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Other recommendations are minimise toxins, like coffee, alcohol, excess of meat, cigarettes etc…
The newspaper, some type of television programs, violent movies… Don’t help…

Helps to be with your loved ones, walk in nature, exercise, reading a good book, spending time doing things that you like, meditation…

All this is a recommendation, just work on improving your habits, but also avoid stress so if you have a treat is completely fine, love yourself and forgive yourself because love vibrates at the highest frequency.