About Me

Vanessa_Forner-WEB2My name is Vanessa Forner Calvo, I am trained as a Reiki Master on the Usui Shiki Ryoho system, member of the UK Reiki Federation.
A lover of nature, a constant seeker of personal development, of answers to questions, I have always liked to get to the root of things to understand them better, and I believe that that is the basis for most healings.
I am originally from Spain, where I studied Technical Engineer of Industrial Design. In 2002 I moved to London and during the last thirteen years I specialized in computer 3D graphics for Architecture and trained as a dancer. I have been most of my adult years dancing between technology and art, machine and nature, the computer generated and the human world.

In 2008 Reiki appeared on my life.

The curiosity dragged me into the first degree course without knowing what to expect.
After that day a warm sensation emanated from my hands and I was able to switch it on as my wish. I loved it. It was a soft feeling that I had never experienced before…
Fascinated, I started to use it every day.
The most amazing journey of my life was about to start… My brain couldn’t manage to understand the mechanism of action, although my hands were proving that it was real, that there is more going on around us that what our limited senses are able to perceive. A new dimension opened up for me to explore, a new sixth sense full of possibilities.
That gave me a big push to believe in myself and my natural human abilities. Suddenly I could heal my own injuries and illnesses easily and naturally as well as help the people around me to heal themselves. In my case, the doors of self-development went wide open: an increase of interests, creativity or physical resistance are some of the countless benefits… And it also opened the magical doors of my spiritual dimension, something that I didn’t even know it was there.
Each session of Reiki has been a teaching and an opportunity to progress; all of the experiences without exception have been positive. The more I use it, the more I learn about the new version of myself emerging, about the world and people around me, about energy and about living life to the fullest. It’s like being in contact with your inner wisdom: the more you listen to it, the more you grow.
My intention with this project is to share my experience and communicate Reiki from a new perspective, in a way that people from a wider range of disciplines can feel interest about it.
My purpose is to open doors to help others find their own answers.
This energy is in such a pure state that it only acts in order to make improvements. Whether is the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual part of you being raised on, energy will depend on your needs. And through the contact with it, you will understand and interpret it in your own personal way.
Because Reiki it’s only about you and your relationship with it.
My philosophy: “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime”.

My vision

A Technological approach.

We are all made perfect in essence, although that essence is hidden inside between layers and layers of external information built up through life.

Imagine your body as a very sophisticated computer… Your body as an accurate piece of engineering together with the latest programming technology which makes it work as a whole network in a perfect manner.

When brand new; it comes with all the software installed to function properly. It also has an infinite empty space to be filled up with information.

Your heart beats at a constant pace pumping blood to the rest of your body. Each one of your body cells has unique and very precise programmed information; each one has a function and a lifetime so that when the cell dies a new one is born. At the same time a group of cells stick and work together in order to form organs, bones, muscles, fluids, tissues… Again, each organ has its information programmed to work independently and together with other parts of the body, creating systems, and so on. The whole network is connected creating one of the most perfect machines on earth: the human body.
The computer comes with no clutter; empty and clean to run fast and smooth to its fullest potential.

Now, imagine the central processor as the brain, and YOU as the user.

Experiences, knowledge, skills, emotions, thoughts, people, external factors… We are constantly surrounded by information; the central processor is always working day and night, non-stop. Present and past information, many of the things that have ever come into our senses, and have provoked a neuronal pulse, they all have been stored in the body cells as data.

Reiki would work as a high end IT manager: helping to organise the inner data, the cellular information; scanning and clearing out of date and useless data that make the system function slower, working on getting rid of viruses and harmful files to recover the original configuration.
When the system is well-organised there is plenty of clear space inside it for the machine to run to its full potential according to the ‘age of the model’.
That empty space is experienced as a feeling of relaxation. With some space and order the body’s immune system works freely again to find physical balance, the mind appears clear and in focus, the emotions are much softer and manageable… In general, life seems much easier.

A big difference with PCs is that the information we put inside doesn’t harm the machine, in the human case it’s not quite like that; the information we put inside ourselves affects directly the body in the form of stress or toxins. That’s where the 5 principles of Reiki and meditation come into action.

The beauty of Reiki is in letting energy flow through you without judging or trying to understand it. When you let it go and stop being in control it works best.

Still, it’s in human nature trying to find out how things happen and why…

Reiki is in its infant age, there is so much to be discovered about this complex, yet so simple technique, and it will take years of evolution until we can master the possibilities that it offers. Right now we can only speculate, interpret, investigate and experience… And this, obviously, requires an open mind.