The Knowledge from the Past…

The Vision of the Future…

Red Reiki Light is a project about developing awareness for Energy.

Reiki is a Gift for everyone.

An innate ability that underlies within human nature.
Yet to be discovered on a large scale.

All of us have got the potential to learn and use this technique for our own well-being and development.
A tool to understand and work creatively with energy; the essence, the root of all things.
A tool to heal yourself.
Science has already proven that the world around us is made of energy, and that all matter is made of particles and empty spaces in constant movement. If so, everything vibrates at a certain frequency.
We are all also made of the same matter , and the frequency we all vibrate to might vary many times along a day, depending on our physical, mental and emotional activity.
When we feel good it is a sign that we are vibrating at a high level.
Reiki is a Japanese term that can be translated as Universal life force energy; an unlimited supply of energy that vibrates at a very high rate that, when activated to flow through a person, brings a feeling of peace, clarity, good health, and as many benefits as low energy issues in your life are being raised on frequency.
This energy is available anywhere always ready to help you.
The technique is so simple even a child could do it. It is not really that you learn Reiki, but that you allow it to enter into your life.
Once you learn the technique you can use it on yourself and others.

You can also experience the Reiki energy from a practitioner.

Life is a reflection of what goes on inside you; working on heightening up your personal frequency can bring you wonderful things.
As a bigger picture; the world is a combination of multiple frequencies; raising your level means the world also does.
And that’s why I am here…
…because I really believe in a better world.