Energy Vs. Ego

This post is an insight into a new point of view.

Your energy point of view.

You are your energy, and the Ego is the voice inside your head.

The ego always tries to find reasons to be right, the voice that judges you and others, it pushes you to grow and become better in what you do, and is also the voice that puts you down when you have been ‘wrong’ and becomes hard on yourself…

That voice never stops unless you stop it consciously via meditation.

Depending on how you train that voice and how much you listen to it, it can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

If you observe the voice without getting involved in what it says, then you become your energy.  That type of observation is the same as meditation.

Observation helps you dissociate from the actual voice, from the judgement, and simply from this point of view life becomes much easier.

That has been the secret of happiness of the ancient civilisations, the secret of ‘enlightenment’.


Here is a simple exercise to experience the feeling

The observer’s exercise:

  • From the morning when you wake up, decide to become the observer.
  • The exercise is more fun if you decide to see the world as if it were the first time you are a seeing it, then the experience becomes richer.
  • Pay attention to the details from outside, for me it helps to imagine myself floating on top of me looking down to my body, but you can also imagine yourself next to you.
  • Because the voice is the one that travels to the past and future, it is always wondering about past and future events: your focus needs to be on the present moment, so the attention will be directed to whatever you are doing in that moment.
  • Whatever your experiences try not to enter into the  mind’s game, observe the mind how it reacts and works, detach yourself from the events of the day.
  • Try to feel the energy around you, when you are not immersing in the voice.
  • You might notice silence and peace inside, the flow of your own breathing… and how much richer and enjoyable the experience of life can be.
  • Once you detach from the ego it’s easier to make conscious choices of the things you prefer to fill up your mind with.
  • This state of mind not only helps to have a broader vision of life and events, a much more neutral  and happy vision; but it also gives some space to the mind and body and help them to refresh and heal from every day stress.

 Practice the Observer’s exercise every time you wish, and have FUN with it!