Grounding is essential for a good functioning of energetic system, like an electrical system needs a connection point to the earth.

It connects your spirit and your mind to your physical body.

After studying the second Level of Reiki my spiritual dimension opened up, the view of myself and world around became much wider; I am already creative but at that time, I remember, I was full of ideas and inspiration.

However I wasn’t able to put any idea into action. Like a boat I was floating on the sea without any anchor point.

Then I realised the importance of being grounded.

Grounding allows you to walk your talk, put your ideas into action, concentrate and be present on the things you do.

It is essential for meditation, an anchor point to the physical body, the most common one is the attention into the breathing.
Pay special attention to the grounding when you need extra concentration, when studying an exam, in a job interview, when you are teaching, performing… or if you find yourself in a difficult, unknown or dangerous situation…
It will give you energy, security, support… it gives you a SOLID BASE.

Grounding is as simple as making a conscious connection with the body or the earth.

There are many ways to ground yourself. When we are around nature we feel energised, happy and become more clear minded than in the cities.. Walking bare foot, sitting on the ground, hugging a tree, lying on the beach, walking the dog, eating earthy foods, physical exercise… are some grounding examples.


Here I describe a simple meditation exercise for grounding:

  • Sit in a comfortable position with your back straight, the feet on the ground, don’t cross your legs.
  • Breath calmly and place your attention into your body.
  • Imagine dropping a cord from the base of your spine to the centre of the earth.
    However it appears is fine, don’t judge it, is just an exercise, your intention is what counts on this exercise.
  • Observe it.
  • Shape the cord as wide as you like to make it solid and strong, you don’t want a weak cord.
  • Check the attachments at the base of the spine and the centre of the earth, make sure they are well secured, you can imagine a knot, a huge magnet, some roots..
  • Clean the internal and external walls imagining a white or golden light flushing down the cord, the light restores any cracks or leaks that the cord might have, it also re-energises it.
    I use some Reiki symbols in this moment mostly the power symbol.
  • Imagine yourself moving and the cord following you, flexible enough to allow you full range of movement, you don’t want a rigid cord, give always a flexible texture to it.
  • Now your cord is active and working, feel the contact you have just made with the earth.
  • Scan your body and feel if you have any dense or heavy energy, stored emotions giving you trouble; you can imagine the energy as a dense smoke and flush it down the cord to the centre of the earth for regeneration.

Use the meditation of the cord for a few days to see the benefits, if you learn the steps it can be performed any time anywhere.
Use it for releasing new and stored emotions every time you need.