Stunning beauty, healing tools, an essential part of modern technology… The Mineral Kingdom.

A crystal is a solid in which the constituent atoms, molecules or ions are packed in a regularly ordered, repeating pattern extending in all three spatial dimensions.



This perfection allows them to store, accumulate, focus, amplify and distribute VERY STABLE ENERGY.

They all have their own rhythms, a kind of ‘heartbeat’ pumping energy at a constant pace; even though it is very subtle for the 5 main senses, it is as if they ‘breathe’.

The different frequencies of vibration depend on the chemical composition and morphology. Inherent frequency properties of crystals can be transmitted to the frequency patterns of each organ and cell in the body. Holding it in the hands, placing it on the body or carrying a pendant help to regulate the body’s own rhythms as a ‘tuning fork’

The energy of a crystal is inherently neutral and very able to absorb information, store it and pass it on.  That’s why it is very important to keep them clean in case they have picked up negative radiation.

It is important not to locate crystals on electromagnetic pollution spots (i.e.  Modem, microwaves…) because the crystal will pick up, amplify and distribute the negative radiation.

Some ways of cleaning a crystal are under running water, with incense smoke, with sea salt, inside the earth… although it will always depend on the type of stone, just because some will dissolve under water or loose the shine with sea salt. The safest would be the incense smoke, although before cleaning you could always have some more research about the type of stone and what’s best for it.

labradorite mineral as very nice natural background

Once the crystal is clean you can charge it under the sun, the moon, with Reiki, or even with your own intention or idea.

Programming a crystal is very simple

In previous articles I spoke about the energy of your mind and emotions and talked about how much energy your emotions carry. 

Emotion= Energy in motion.

This energy can be stored in your crystal as if you install a ‘program’, so it will breathe this energy and amplify it in your life.

  1. Choose an issue a situation or a habit you want to change.
  2. Take some time to imagine you after healing the issue, situation or habit.
  3. Write a list of benefits once the healing occurs, describe it in detail-it is important to raise your emotion and focus the energy on the positive side of it.
  4. Write your statements always in positive, the brain doesn’t understand the word NO. If you say to yourself imagine a tree with no apples, your brain will show you apples… So your tree will have to be described as full of leaves and with white flowers for example.
  5. The process of creating a new perspective of the issue in your mind is a BIG STEP, the mind works at many levels, so you are already opening a new door, writing helps to make the new energy more solid, more real, so the new statement doesn’t get lost or forgotten in the mind.
  6. Now read your statement and place all your senses in order to build up the energy, try to generate an emotion out of it.
  7. Hold the crystal with your hands and send your energy. Stay there for as long as you want, the longer you can hold the emotion and the crystal the best.


Probably the crystal will vibrate; if you put your attention into it you may feel warmth, tingling or a subtle heart-beat…

If the issue brings you negative emotions, choose another moment for programming, I like to do it when I have had a good day, when I feel good, so that I make sure the energy stored is the right one.

From there observe the issue or situation and its subtle changes, it won’t happen as a miracle the next day, you’ll need to be persistent, keep giving life to the crystal, carry it with you so you’ll remember your purpose, hold it in your hand, keep it around on a nice place in your room, charge it again reading your statement and giving good energy to it…

As you can see, the power doesn’t come from the crystal, but you have the power to change whatever you want in your life, the crystal is your assistant it will support you.

Reiki practitioners can enhance the programmed crystal with some Reiki energy.