Reiki is an excellent tool for charging batteries and release muscle tension after a workout.

I am a trained dancer and I love cycling when the weather is nice in London.

Some days after a few hours of African and Flamenco dance and a few miles on the bike, when I get home my legs are ‘boiling’.

A session 20min of Reiki on the legs is most of the times enough to promote the flow of energy on the muscles and feel the legs lighter again. I am always amazed by this simple, practical, fast and effective technique.

When I switch on the energy and let it flow through my hands into the affected area I feel heat and vibration; depending on the tension accumulated it feels like a river stream! After a while the flow becomes smoother and the tension disappears.

Recent and old injures can be treated with Reiki.

Reiki restores the flow of energy in the body releasing blockages, tension, toxins and charging the system. Once the energy is balanced and flowing the immune system strengthens and the body recovers quicker.

A good flow of energy enhance the flow of blood, oxygen, nutrients… speeding up post-workout recovery; relieving tension, soreness, strains… it works with muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, and so on.

Reiki not only works on the physical level but also on the emotional, mental, and spiritual ones, balancing the energy on every level, improving memory, concentration, endurance, self-confidence…

It is natural, completely safe and has not known negative side-effects.

And the most interesting thing is that you can easily learn it and use it for yourself, so you can have your ‘first aid kit’ in your own hands, anywhere, anytime.

Note: Reiki is a complementary therapy, nor a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. Reiki works on the energetic body therefore bones, muscles; tendons… need be set on place by a professional before applying Reiki.