I have been having weekly treatments with Vanessa for 6 months and she is a wonderful healer. I have been practising Reiki for 7 years and have had treatments from many Reiki masters and practitioners and find Vanessa to be a very talented therapist. She has helped me greatly to get through some difficult times by rebalancing me, complimenting my own practice and helping me progress in my spiritual development.

Will M.

I found Vanessa’s capability of transmitting energy through Reiki unbelievably strong.

Both my knees hurting a lot before the treatment and I must say that she helped the pains to disappear completely.

I won’t forget the emotional travel I undertook during the first session. I had the chance to re-experience the most beautiful moments of my life in a sort of a non-stop stream. It was emotionally intensive and satisfying.
All the sessions made me relax and disconnect from the everyday routine and stress.

I recommend Vanessa’s session for both physical and emotional relief and benefit. She is sensitive, wise and she knows how to empathise without using words.

Alessio C.

From true curiosity I took part in the level one Reiki course and I must say it was a very interesting and eye opening experience. After receiving the  attunements I could already feel the transformation and flow of energy through my hands…very gentle but the sensation was noticeable and at the end of the course I would learn to “open the tap” and use it.

Group Reiki sessions were wonderful. I could really feel the energy flowing and that pleasant warmth.  The fact that other people could feel energy flowing through my hands was also reassuring that this really works. I want to thank Vanessa for sharing this with me and giving me the self healing tool that I truly believe in and am planing to share with others.

Anna Cz, Interior designer

I found my course with Vanessa to be enjoyable, uplifting, and a great combination of heartening meditations, and a wonderful non judgemental insight into Reiki.I am also looking forward to more Reiki shares with Vanessa, and I appreciate her kind offer of future support if it’s needed.

Sacha Alexander

I had been aware of Reiki for some years, and despite my curiosity it took me 10 years before I was willing to give it a decent trial of a few sessions over a course of as many weeks. By the second session I was totally switched to validity of such therapy. I can distinctly feel the mental and physical benefits days after each session and appreciate that this is also due to innate healing qualities which Vanessa possesses.

At the very least I always feel relaxed after each session; the frenetic pace of city life is simply washed into a calmed focus and the weekly to do lists become far more manageable. I deeply recommend trying Reiki with Vanessa and am believe in all likelihood you too will make Reiki a regular part of life.

Martha G.

Being a person who already believes in the possibilities of energy healing, I was open to the experience of Reiki.  Having said that, the effects were amazing and surprising, as after only three sessions, my ailment has basically disappeared.  I felt a sharp pain in my knee every time I put pressure on it, which no longer exists.  The session itself was very relaxing, yet deep, with an undeniable presence of heat energy. I left feeling energised, yet relaxed. To put it simply, all that is required from you is an open mind and trust in Vanessa’s abilities, the results will come.

Alexandra J.

“All I can say I thank to universe and God and all the nature around me that I found Reiki and Vanessa’s therapy.  Ever since taking Reiki with Vanessa I have been for the first time in my life able to really see the truth inside me, unblock my internal vision and start breaking old habits that send me on a downward spiral. Her approach to Reiki and healing is so subtly effective that I am almost in a shock that I have been able to in a very short time start turning my life and energy around towards positive. I have also realised that all the power of happiness and healing is really truly within us. I heard that before but never really understood that until I started doing Reiki. I believe that anyone, who is truly looking to start turning their behaviour, break old downward spiralling habits and create a more positive life for themselves would highly benefit from having Vanessa as a therapist. However, you have to be willing to work on yourself and be willing to change.  Amazing and surprising things can start to happen from there.”

Mrs K.S

I found Vanessa’s Reiki Level1 training to be utilitarian as well as personally healing.  She spends the day focussing on the details of the course as well as the needs of her students.  I was not quite sure what to expect when I arrived and left feeling very uplifted and fulfilled.  I highly recommend her course.

Michele Roberts

I’d been undergoing Reiki treatment for eight months and was extremely pleased with both the physical and emotional benefits when I met Vanessa, who as a teacher of this ancient healing therapy, offered me the opportunity to undertake an intensive course on how to apply the methods to myself and others.
It wasn’t until listening to the teachings of Reiki that I fully understood how energy can be channelled around the body with the help of a catalyst(the practicioner).
As the energy finds it’s true balance within the body, the patient begins to feel healthy not only on a physical level, but emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

I recommend Reiki and indeed Vanessa’s courses to anyone.

Shar C.