Imagine you could record the best emotions you have experienced and play them any time you want! just as your music player!

How to record in your system new musical tones to improve any aspect of your life.

If you fix your attention in a point of your body you’ll feel the energy, if you keep the attention there for a while the energy will build up.

When you have pain in a certain area the more you think about it the more it persists, when you forget about it the pain tends to release.

If you are experiencing an emotional painful situation the more you dig it with your mind the more it hurts.

The mind works automatically most of the time, although it is important to remember that ultimately we are the rulers of our mind and that we can take control of it.

A thought generates an electrical pulse that activates an emotion.

An emotion is emitted with the whole body it provokes millions of electrical pulses therefore is much more powerful than a thought.

When a certain thought resonates with your melody the emotion feels good. Unfortunately, our database is full ‘out of tune’ thoughts…

If you experience frequently low frequency emotions as sadness, tiredness, fear, resentment, anxiety…

…You may want to consider revising and updating your mental database.

The most difficult way to do this is by trying to get rid of out of tune thoughts: the more you think about them the stronger they get, and some of them are there for long time…

The best way is by creating new musical tones and work on giving them energy making sure they are in your main playlist for you to enjoy them more often!

Here is a basic but really powerful exercise, create a new musical tone for improving your energy, sleep and health.

  • When you are in bed before going to sleep observe how your mind wonders.
  • As you observe your thoughts, try for a moment to look at your mind from outside, I like to see it as a computer processing information constantly.
  • Try to detach from the mind and acknowledge your presence observing, be fully present and feel your internal breathing, feel your energy.
  • Whether your mind is troubled, worrying, stressing or just thinking fast… don’t judge it, is not your fault it is just the way the mind works and processes information.
  • Say to yourself, say to your mind and mean it:

       Now, Everything is fine.

       Is time to rest and have a good sleep.

       Is time to regenerate the body during sleep and heal.

       Tomorrow I will wake up fresh, full of vitality, full of energy and happier.

The statement can be adapted to your best requirements, remember use affirmations that resonate with you and bring you the type of emotions you desire in your life.

Let the words resonate within you…

Identify the emotion associated with the words…

Feel it throughout your whole body and enhance the emotion, build the energy just keeping the attention for as long as you can.

Imagine the energy being emitted from your whole body…

Imagine your heart filled up with that energy, and imagine it flowing out from the palms of your hands.

Now, as if you were an electrical system, plug your hands back to your body, anywhere they lay is fine.


Here you can imagine that you are pressing a recording button, hold the attention on the palms of your hands, feel the energy flow for as long as you can.

Once you record a new musical tone you can play it and bring the emotion and the feeling back to you any time. You can place the hands in the same place and imagine you are pressing the button again. The more you remain yourself that energy, the more it becomes part of your melody.

Don’t underestimate the power of your mind and how a simple exercise like this one can bring you better quality of life. Repetition leads to perfection; keep it constant and see the changes in a very short time.